Come one, come all!

Invite your friends to join the 91springboard community. If they join, you get a 20% payout and your referral gets a 20% discount on their first month.
You could add that money to your savings, but we recommend using it to throw a crazy party instead!

How the referral policy works?
If member A refers B, 20% of B’s membership invoice (excluding security deposit) is given as a discount to both A and B on their 1st month’s invoices.

For example:
Member Company A has referred Company B. Hypothetically, membership fee of Company B is Rs 100. Then company A and B, both will get a discount of- 20% of Rs. 100 = Rs. 20 discount on both their invoices for one month.

We offer a discount on the total base membership amount only (excluding the security deposit and other additional charges like cabinets) across all plans.
The maximum discount given to the referrer can be their total invoice amount for that month.

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