Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS)

91Springboard, India’s pioneering coworking community, partners with Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS) to create ‘Maharashtra Virtual Incubation Centre (MVIC)’ – a virtual program that provides an opportunity to various early stage startups and entrepreneurs across Maharashtra to scale up and expand their businesses by providing them with good quality incubation services. The goal of this initiative is to –

  • Reduce the cost of starting up and time to market by providing good quality incubation services commonly used by early stage startups at a discounted/preferred price
  • Bridge information asymmetry in the startup ecosystem by acting as a communication channel between the Government of Maharashtra and the larger ecosystem to share information about upcoming programs, events etc. with startups.

Through the MVIC platform, startups would be able to access services provided by enlisted partners in the fields of technology, finance, taxation and accounting, legal, marketing, office spaces and product development at discounted prices. knowledge-sharing platforms, upskilling techniques, and advice.

91Springboard along with MSInS will create a platform for startups to access, apply for and redeem services provided by various partners under the 91springboard Boosters ecosystem.

Launch Date: 31st October 2021 (tentative)

Entry: Open for All startups registered in Maharashtra

About 91Springboard:

91Springboard is a co-working space focused on building workplace communities that fosters joy, learning, and exchange of knowledge amongst its variety of members. It is also one of the Incubators supported under the Atal Innovation Mission run by Niti Aayog. With 25,000 working professionals engaged, it aims to inject the country’s robust business ecosystem with fully functional workspaces that reflect a unique collaborative spirit. Having established its first dedicated co-working space in Delhi in 2012, 91Springboard currently has 24 live hubs, spread across India’s premier cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, and Goa.

With its objective of creating a work culture that shares and learns from each other, 91Springboard promotes the exchange of ideas, innovation, and skills by providing a collaborative environment that inspires both personal and professional growth.

About Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS):

MSInS has been established under the Department of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of Maharashtra with an aim to foster innovative approaches and solutions to contribute towards minimization of economic divides in the state. The main objective of the Society is to provide an innovation promotion platform to academics, entrepreneurs, researchers and Government drawing upon national and international experiences to foster a culture of innovation in the State. The Maharashtra Virtual Incubation Centre (MVIC) is established under Maharashtra State Innovative Startup Policy 2018.

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