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Our spaces are designed to get the best out of you

From our open areas to our break-out zones, we have spaces that encourage collaboration.

We also have spaces designed to help you cut out the outside world, minimise distractions and achieve deep focus.

From the lighting to the colours, every little detail has been carefully curated to put you and your team in a good mood.

Quote from designer

Rahul Singh, Head of Design

Professionals spend a large part of their day in the office. Keeping this in mind, our offices are designed to be vibrant, open breathable spaces. We’ve also ensured that every aspect of your workspace is functional and comfortable. So whether it’s our soundproof cabins, ergonomic seating, large desks or even the colours of the interiors, we’ve done everything to ensure that you stay creative and productive throughout your workday.

– Rahul Singh, Head of Design

What we learnt from puffer fish
about the joy of design

Small details that spark large
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Phone booths to make calls without being disturbed or disturbing others

Micro-kitchens, so that a cup of tea or coffee is never too far away

Curated art and colours to give tired eyes a break

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