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By joining 91Springboard, you’ll be getting peer access to over 16,000 working professionals across eight cities.

From open seating plans to large common areas, our spaces are built to spark meaningful exchanges.

Cup of coffee? Game of TT? You’ll make the deepest connections where you least expect them!

A note from our events team

When we started doing events at our hubs, it was more a way of giving people a break from the monotony of work and a chance to learn something new or show the non-work casual sides of themselves. But we soon realised that our events are a great way for people to make new connections. I truly believe our events are the lifeline of our vibrant and happy community.

– Akshata Sensharma, Program Manager

What we learnt from the Starling birds
about the joy of connection

We actively assist in helping you connect

Events: We organise sessions like the Founder Catch-ups and Mentor-Centre, where we bring entrepreneurs and experts together for interactive sessions.

Introductions: We like to make sure our new members get a nice welcome, spending their first lunch hour meeting other members and hub staff.

Celebrations: From birthdays to milestones, we seek out moments of joy and celebrate them as they deserve to be.

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