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Nothing makes us happier than coming up with plan that work for our members.... like finding two pieces of a jigsaw puzzles that fit!

Full-Time Memberships

From dedicated or flexible seating in our open areas to private cabins and team rooms, our membership plans work for teams of all sizes.

Open Seating

Open dedicated

A dedicated workstation for you in any of our open areas.

Open flexi

Pick one of any available workstation in our open areas.

Private Cabins

A fully-furnished private cabin to call your own. Available for individuals as well as teams of two and above.

Team Room

Ideal for teams of over 8 persons. Our team rooms offer a cost-effective solution for growing teams: flexible, customisable, private, and designed to promote collaboration.

Flexible Memberships

Managing large teams can be a challenge sometimes. With our flexible solutions you can mix and match how your workforce comes to the office.

30:60 Flexi Plan

A 30-day hotdesk plan with a validity of 60 days. Applicable for open-flexi seats, and a maximum of 10 seats.

Super-Saver Rotational Plan

Following a hybrid model? Rotate your employees and book only half the seats you need.

Part-Time Memberships

You don’t need to be in the office all the time. But when you do, we’ve got you covered with our part time solutions.

12-Day Plan

Use any available workstation for 12 days a month and enjoy all the benefits of coworking.

Nights and Weekends Plan

Use any available workstation between 7.30 pm and 7.30 am on weekdays and at any time on weekends.

Student Plan

Show your student ID and get great deals on any available workstation for a three-month period.

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