The Top 5 Ted Talks on Every Successful Business Leaders’ Playlist

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As exciting and dreamy as it may seem, the journey of a business leader is often full of challenges, pitfalls and failures. There comes a point in every leader’s life when they find themselves in need of motivation and inspiration. When that time comes, it is wise to turn to some of the gurus of the business world for that elusive insight that could trigger the desired behaviour. 

One need not look much further than TED talks to find their groove. Globally renowned, these sessions offer pearls of wisdom from some of the best business minds across generations and industries. 

So whether you’re a leader today, or want to be a successful one tomorrow, here are our top 5 picks for your viewing pleasure. 

1) ‘What it entails to be a great leader’ by Roselinde Torres 

In this TED Talk, leadership expert Rosalinde Torres talks about the need for companies to adopt new-age leadership and development programs. Basis her observations over the span of 25 years, she reveals the gap that exists in the programs implemented by companies around the world and what leaders can do to bridge that gap. The need of the hour, as per Roselinde, is to understand the need of the millennial workforce; and for leaders to quit taking small steps and instead take courageous leaps.

Watch her inspiring TED talk to understand what it means to be a great leader –

2) ‘How to Live Before You Die’ by Steve Jobs 

If you’re looking for inspiration as a business leader, the greatest and the most successful leader – Steve Jobs, has a message for you. 

In his TED talk, Steve isn’t sharing business secrets that will help you succeed. Instead, he talks about his life experiences and what he learnt from them. One of his stories talks about how very important it is for us to believe in our dreams and trust our intuition. He urges leaders not to settle for anything they aren’t completely convinced about. 

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things.” – Steve Jobs

Watch the video and be inspired by the greatest innovator of all time. 

3) ‘Inspiring a Life of Immersion’ by Jacqueline Novogratz

Everyone wants to live a life of purpose, but most of us don’t have a clue where to start or how? Even as a business leader, there might be times when you find yourself at a crossroads and must decide which path to take. In this insightful, TED talk, Jacqueline Novogratz (founder of Acumen Fund, a non-profit improving the lives of the poor) introduces us to people who have immersed themselves in a cause, a community, a passion for justice, and how their efforts have impacted society at large. Her ideas are not just inspiring but also tell us why extraordinary leaders must lead a life of immersion. She explains how great leaders take resources and implement them in ways that change the world for the better. Take a look at her TED talk and be inspired for a better future.

4) Trial, Error, and the God Complex: Tim Harford

Expert Economist Tim Harford, talks about how every great leader is only built after multiple rounds of trial & error. He explores the possibility of great leaders developing a God complex over time and how it can be detrimental to their success. Harford’s ideas and insights are a must-watch for every leader so they’re able to reflect on their own complexities as a leader and do what all great leaders must.

Watch his inspiring talk below

5) Why We Do What We Do: Tony Robbins

If there’s anyone who understands human needs and the complexities behind our motivation to do things, it is life coach Tony Robbins. In his TED talk, Robbins reveals that emotion, not self-interest is the driving force of life. He dives deep into the 6 human needs – certainty, significance, variety, love, growth and contribution. Great leaders, he says, understand their employee’s needs, what drives them, their passions; and then shape their ability to contribute based on these learnings. 

Watch his inspiring talk and understand the invisible forces that drive us to do the things we do.

The one thing common in all these TED talks is that they are great resources for inspiration and the insights derived from them are invaluable to business leaders. As a leader, you’re not just leading the way for your own company and employees, but also seeking other great leaders that you can share the space with. We hope these TED talks have helped you gain immeasurable insights into your own leadership style and understand what it is that transforms leaders into great leaders.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know which TED talk you loved the most!

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