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Whenever someone mentions the word ‘IIT’ the first few things that come to mind are excellence and innovation. IIT Delhi has always fostered a strong sense of innovation which has given rise to numerous successful entrepreneurs who call themselves alums. We at 91springboard are extremely proud to have a ton of folks from IIT Delhi working out of our various hubs and boy, they sure are doing some really cool things. We love celebrating the diversity of our community and want to share with you some of these fascinating individuals and their stories. We hope you enjoy them and perhaps even get inspired!

Chanchal Raj joined Texas Instruments India to manage their Digital Marketing in Bangalore. He’s staged 3 professional plays as an actor during his time in Bangalore. After that, he joined HDFC bank in their digital projects team as senior manager in Mumbai. He then moved to Delhi to work on a travel startup with his friends called Cherishtrip Pvt Ltd. Currently, he’s working as the Digital Marketing Head for 9zest health & fitness out of 91springboard Noida.

Vaibhav Kumar Gupta, started off CarryCart with his cofounder Ankit Raj in November 2015. Currently operating out of 91springboard Noida, CarryCart is a B2B commerce logistics marketplace connecting consignors and carriers. The trucks and road logistics market in India is fragmented and unorganized with problems of truck availability, pricing arbitrage, transparency, consignment tracking, delays, un-professionalism, return loads, etc. Vaibhav started CarryCart to address these problems, by creating a portal to facilitate smooth and optimized logistics.

Om Kanwar post-graduate from the Computer Science & Engg department of IIT-Delhi with a specialization in advanced algorithms, spent 15 years in the niche industry of Electronic Design Automation. While in the industry, he devised innovative methodologies and algorithms for parasitic extraction, layout creation (routing) and physical verification of deep-submicron semiconductor designs. He was also granted a US patent for inventing a methodology for modeling design rule violations in VLSI designs.

In 2015, he co-founded the ed-tech startup Edugain is an advanced personalized math learning platform for K-12. Driven by in-house innovation in learning data modeling techniques and algorithms, already has more than 100,000 active users spread across the globe. They provide a novel way to do mastery based learning for subjects like math. Edugain has the potential for changing the way result-oriented preparation is done for various competitive exams the world over.

Abhishek Kumar graduated in Computer Science and Engineering(B.Tech) from IIT Delhi in 2013. He joined One97 (Parent company of PayTM) for a brief stint just after his graduation. He worked there for 1.5 years as a software developer and then quit in February of 2015 to start an EduTech company called Greymeter. There were a total of 6 founders, which comprised of graduates from IIT Delhi, and BITS Pilani. They did well for quite some time with over hundred thousand users on their platform, and were able to raise roughly $300,000 in seed funding from various VCs. Unfortunately, like all startups, they too made some mistakes and had to shut down Greymeter. The shutdown taught Abhishek a lot about the startup life and everything it entails. Currently, he’s the CTO of CrediFiable which is working to develop a cool platform where people can get a loan, or invest as peer to peer lending.

Ankit Ratan graduated from from IIT Delhi in 2011. Having worked in New York and Shanghai, Ankit Ratan, realized home is where the heart is and decided to settle down and build a global company out of India. The result of that was Signzy; a global digital trust platform. Through the course of its short one and a half year long journey, Signzy have won awards from RBI, IBM, Thomson Reuters and Ankit has also been a judge at the Forbes 30 under 30 conference.

Aurobindo Sarkar is currently the Country Head (India Engineering Center) for ZineOne Inc. With a career spanning 24+ years, he has consulted at some of the leading organizations in India, US, UK, and Canada. He specializes in real-time web-scale architectures, machine learning, deep learning, cloud engineering, and big data analytics. Aurobindo has been actively working as a CTO in technology startups for over 8 years now. As a member of the top leadership team at various startups, he has mentored both founders and CxOs, provided technology advisory services and led product architecture and engineering teams. He has authored two books Learning AWS and Amazon EC2 Cookbook. Aurobindo has an MS (Computer Science) from New York University, M.Tech (Management Science) from Indian Institute of Science, and B.Tech (Engineering) from IIT Delhi.

Last, but certainly not the least we have one of our very own co-founders, Pranay Gupta, who graduated from IIT Delhi.

Previously, Pranay was the Joint CEO at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad’s incubator and has been involved with over 80 startups, led over 40 investments across various domains, and helped 15 startups raise follow-on rounds. He is a board observer to more than ten startups, where he helps with setting up internal processes, deciding their business strategy, networking, and reaching out to the right kind of people. He has also been instrumental in setting up and scaling various programs at CIIE, including iAccelerator, Power of Ideas, and MentorEdge.

Whew. That’s quite a formidable list wouldn’t you agree? We’re thrilled to have great minds inspire us and our members are often the greatest source of inspiration, both for us, as well as for other members. All we can say is, we’re honored to play a role in the entrepreneurial revolution that we see in India today and will always strive to do even better. Here’s to many more success stories in the years to come!

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