Facebook Ads and Where They’re Headed in 2017

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Facebook ads are the big boss across all paid channels when it comes to driving leads to your business. So long as you have the right strategy in place, there’s no reason why Facebook ads won’t do wonders for you. Did you know that as of September 2016 the daily active users on Facebook for both desktop and mobile were … Read More

Which Entity Should You Go in for When Setting up Your Startup?

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company entity

Venturing into the startup universe is a daunting task to say the least. You’re immediately faced with a multitude of tasks and challenges that will guarantee to test every fibre of your being. However, every small victory will give you a larger sense of accomplishment than anything you’ve ever experienced. In this post let’s deep dive into one of the … Read More

How to Maintain Cofounder Relations at Your Startup

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Finding a cofounder is no less difficult than finding your spouse. As, if you think about it, running a startup is similar to marriage in so many different ways. You have to enter into a long term commitment, spend tons and tons of time working on building a relationship with one another and make sure you have similar values, qualities … Read More