The Ronco Principle in India

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Paul Graham’s essay Mean People Fail followed by the more recent Ronco Principle, in which he expands on the topic, has caused much hand wringing and teeth gnashing in startup circles. While I generally endorse the sentiment (the high incidence of assholes cannot be denied), I think the trend is more important than the current state. In other words, the … Read More

Samyak – The Intern, on Impact Investing

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Samyak says -> Recently “Bijli” was in news. No, I am not referring to any dance item number, but in fact to a social impact project by The Climate Group, an independent not-for-profit organisation headquartered in London, in association with the Sunsaluter, a social enterprise working on providing sustainable energy. Nowadays, we hear a lot about social enterprises, a sector … Read More

How to effectively Design the First Prototype for an Online Startup?

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Start up

– Guest post by Cristian from Brazil Once the idea of our project is defined, it’s the moment when the implementation process begins. A lot of people underestimate this stage thinking the idea is the most important. However, the difference between a successful entrepreneurship and one that fails is always based on the quality of its implementation. Bill Gates used to say: … Read More