Benefits of Coworking

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Coworking concept.

A lot of people ask us what the benefits of coworking are. Instead of repeating the google-able data, I thought why not we pick up some real examples by asking our coworkers to give us a few genuine lines on how 91springboard hub helped them. We love how the community works for the who 91springboard family. All for one and … Read More

Notes on China and South Korea App Market

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Korean and Japanese App Market

As a followup to the previous article titled – Is “Japan & South Korea first” going to be the next strategy for app startups? -, following are a few notes on China and South Korea as a market for App developers. This will not be fun read without referring to previous article – hence, consider that as a required reading. … Read More

Feedback-ing In50hrs in Delhi

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Thanks Vijay for inviting me to judge (rather – let me call it ‘feedback’) In50hrs in Delhi. Vijay has been doing some amazing work – has great ideas, works hard and perseveres. He was telling (and fellow feedbacker Amit Somani of MakeMyTrip) confirmed how there were only 5-6 people during their last event in Delhi. This time, it was almost … Read More