Difference between Angel Funding, Seed Investment & Incubation

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My Answer to the Question on Quora. Is there any difference between angel funding, seed investment and incubation? Quite some, 1. Angel Funding Mostly experienced individuals investing in personal capacities. This might by alone or in a syndicate (more often). Typical size of investment can be anywhere from $10k to $1mn. Sweet spots are $100k-400k. They tend to not care … Read More

“Managerial Leverage” – what is it & why you should bother about it as a founder?

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91springboard Co-Founder, Anand explained Managerial Leverage on our internal blog. Posting it here as I thought this might be useful for some. I enjoyed how it reminded me to think of the hours consumed by not designing the processes well. First, leverage. Let’s say I spend two hours a day on email. I want to become more efficient, so I … Read More

Another set of testimonials – Benefits of Coworking

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Jogesh Grover (Retasaan) As an entrepreneur, your mindset is fixed at delivering on your concept. In business, however, there are a lot of areas where you need assistance and you need that helping hand. 91 springboard has delivered on that missing quotient, very efficiently, by making the right people available and making the network of new entrepreneurs becoming available to … Read More


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‘Near.in’ marked their 1 year anniversary with the 91springboard family on 18th July 2015. Here is their story. In May 2014, 2 months before forming ‘Near’,  Lomesh, Akshay and Sunil became members of 91springboard Gurgaon. When the entrepreneurship bug first bit, they were confused about how to proceed as they were constantly getting new ideas. Sometimes they’d think of building … Read More