Quick tips to keep in mind while setting up your meetings when visiting Valley/US

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A couple of startups we know well are going to TiECon on 16-17th May in Santa Clara. Like any sensible entrepreneur, they are trying to make most of their visit and are setting up meetings there. The first time visitors may find the following tips useful. They are pretty logical – so most of you might have been keeping these … Read More

Why Indian startups will miss Mukund Mohan?

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Mukund Mohan

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to spend quite some one-on-one time with Mukund Mohan over last 3 years. He has been one of the most amazing people to happen to the startup ecosystem. We specifically love him because (among other things): 1. He was probably the first investor to be willing to invest in Convertible Notes / Debt. … Read More

The Gold Rush of Impact Investing – Just yet?

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It is amazing to note how many times we are hearing about “Social Enterprises”, “Impact Investments” …nowadays. There is, or at least seems to be, a lot of buzz around money chasing Impact Startups. In fact, an article on VCCricle here talks of how the money has gone from $4bn to $12bn in just recent time. Is this like the … Read More