Work Culture: How to Maintain It as You Start Growing?

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Our last post spoke about how our founders went about creating a certain kind of a work culture when they first started out. Now, let’s look at how they are keeping this culture alive considering where 91springboard has reached today; 6 hubs and roughly 90 employees, across India. So let’s explore the tips and tricks that are in play at … Read More

Work Culture and How to Go About Creating It

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Varun: So the first question we asked ourselves was, what is it that we ourselves (the founders) firmly believe in? If we’re not sold on the principles of something, how can we ask our team to adhere to them? So simple things like a formal clothing policy or strict work timings, which we felt stem from an archaic school of … Read More

50 Member Story: How We Conquered Navi Mumbai

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They say that the essence of a story is in its end, but this is a story that’s all about the beginning. It’s about a launch of a super cool ‘space’ with a lot of ‘firsts’ associated with it. This story is of a team of undying spirits, of not knowing that ‘failing’ was ever an option. This is the … Read More

How driving an Uber helped this founder gather market insights for his startup.

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Failure to do an appropriate amount of market research before starting your venture is like driving from Delhi to an obscure village in the Himalayas without a map or any street signs. Primary and secondary research and market insights are integral when it comes to making or breaking your startup. There are various ways of going about doing your market … Read More