Accounting Basics for Indian Startups – III: A Summary of Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs

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This is our third post in the blog series titled “Accounting Basics for Indian Startups”. Let’s crisply summarize a few tips and tricks that all entrepreneurs should keep in mind when looking to create sound financial and accounting systems within their organisation. Here goes… Always, we repeat, always, record your transactions real time. We can’t begin to tell you the … Read More

Accounting Basics for Indian Startups – I: Pre and Post Proof of Concept Stage and Turnover

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When people embark on their startup journey, their prime focus is always developing their product/service and they tend to get completely consumed by that. One major reason we’ve noticed due to which most startups shut shop is they have no idea where their money is going. The crux of this problem is a lack of accounting and finance systems in … Read More

Mentor Mantras: How should startups manage employee attrition rates?

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Don’t oversell yourself when you’re pitching to potential employees. Getting them in the door is not a victory, getting them to stay for a few years and be productive members of your team is a victory. Attract talent by being realistic about what you’re going to offer them in terms of work experience, compensation, growth and the environment that they’re … Read More