Why Creating a Well Written Press Release for Your Startup Is Easy

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Why Creating a Well Written Press Release for Your Startup Is Easy

It’s no secret that getting your startups name out in the media, whether it’s digital or print has a profound and positive effect on your brands image. That is, of course, if it’s a story that puts you in positive light. However, there are naysayers who would argue that any publicity is good publicity, honestly, the jury’s out on that … Read More

How to Set up a Successful Outbound Email Campaign

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When it comes to reaching out to a potential lead without a previous relationship, the task can often seem daunting, and if done incorrectly, the results are lukewarm at best. Most companies don’t have the time or inclination to respond to every email out of the dozens they receive every day, especially if they sound overly sales-y and impersonal. This … Read More

Startup App Marketing 101: Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Marketing Your App

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Startup App Marketing Event

The digital marketplace is growing at what can only be called a breakneck pace and along with that the expectations of the customer are rising equally fast. Being able to meet these needs is what sets apart a failed business from a successful one. Customers today are always on the move and they’re using mobile application platforms to get there. … Read More