Startup Act 2: Hardware Emerges and Software Evolves

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hardware and software

It is now plain for anyone to see that the startup ecosystem in India is booming. The latest statistics from NASSCOM’s annual report cites India as ranking 3rd globally for number of startups. This impressive growth means that it’s not just the volume of startups that has increased, it’s also the variety. It is this variety that I would like … Read More

How to Fuck up a Potential Unicorn

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Fuck up nights

This is the story of, India’s first company that ventured into the e-commerce and retail space back in 2009. This was much before the Flipkart’s of the world came into existence. Fashion and You was basically a flash sale website that could be accessed only by invitation. Once you were a member, you had access to high-end luxury brands … Read More

The Booming Startup Ecosystem in India: Our Bangalore Startups Show You the Way

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Bangalore startup scholarship

You don’t need to be Einstein to know how rapidly the startup ecosystem in India is booming. Be it multinational mammoths like Apple and Barclays opening accelerators or coworking spaces across the country or the surge of angel investors and VC’s, the action this sector is witnessing is tremendous. So much so, that even the Government has decided to join … Read More

How driving an Uber helped this founder gather market insights for his startup.

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Failure to do an appropriate amount of market research before starting your venture is like driving from Delhi to an obscure village in the Himalayas without a map or any street signs. Primary and secondary research and market insights are integral when it comes to making or breaking your startup. There are various ways of going about doing your market … Read More