Start Tel Aviv: A Focus on India’s Women Entrepreneurs

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Israel’s reputation as a hotbed for startups has resulted in the country being dubbed “The Startup Nation”. The Israeli government has set up several programs to encourage innovation and entrepreneurial growth in the country, of which Start Tel Aviv is one of the most prominent. Start Tel Aviv is an annual event organised by The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs … Read More

Supporting Tech Through Scholarships: How Bangalore Startups Are Enriching the Indian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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Bangalore startup scholarship

With the exponential growth in the number of startups operating in India, it is apparent that these companies are tapping into some very real desires by identifying and filling unprecedented needs, fuelling the economy, creating jobs, and more. Prime Minister Modi’s resolve to go from a nation of “job seekers to job creators,” has further helped get rid of the … Read More

From Wannapreneur to Employee to Entrepreneur

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You know they say, being an entrepreneur is cool, that everyone should be one. Be like Jobs, like Gates, hell, be like Richard Branson! The thing no one talks, teaches or tells you about, is how? It is easy to say that you are an entrepreneur – you have an idea, you quit your job, you select a fancy name … Read More