The 91springboard IIT Delhi Mafia

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Whenever someone mentions the word ‘IIT’ the first few things that come to mind are excellence and innovation. IIT Delhi has always fostered a strong sense of innovation which has given rise to numerous successful entrepreneurs who call themselves alums. We at 91springboard are extremely proud to have a ton of folks from IIT Delhi working out of our various … Read More

A Lesson in Crisis Management for Startups

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If you’re to ask an entrepreneur to name one quality that makes or breaks a startup, what do you think it’ll be? Well, we’re almost certain nine of out 10 entrepreneurs will say ‘perseverance’ without batting an eyelid. This is simply because actually doing it truly is what sets an entrepreneur and his startup apart from the rest of the … Read More

Legal 101 For Startups: Contracts and What Goes into Creating Them

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This is the 2nd post in our series titled Legal 101 For Startups. This post will primarily focus on that one animal that most startup founders are terrified of; contracts. We’ll take you through everything and more that goes into creating a solid contract. The reason contracts are such scary animals is because when someone is handed over a 50 … Read More