The Future is Feminine (part 1)

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Until a few decades ago businesses around the world were inexplicably run on half their potential, as they limited their talent pool by denying half the population with the opportunity to be involved in the highest levels of decision-making and innovation. This half of the population were, of course, women. Happily, however, this is starting to change. There are more … Read More

The 91springboard IIT Delhi Mafia

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iit delhi startups

Whenever someone mentions the word ‘IIT’ the first few things that come to mind are excellence and innovation. IIT Delhi has always fostered a strong sense of innovation which has given rise to numerous successful entrepreneurs who call themselves alums. We at 91springboard are extremely proud to have a ton of folks from IIT Delhi working out of our various … Read More

Budget 2017: Sized up and Broken down

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With the impact of demonetisation looming over our heads, everyone was highly anticipating what the budget this year would have in store for us all. Would it be a populist one or would it be more in line with the Government’s vision? Well, tensions were running high and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley finally spilt the beans earlier this month. So, … Read More

Decoding Karnataka’s Multi-Sector Startup Policy

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Bangalore is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India and rightfully so. Did you know that the city houses roughly 212 software companies? Now, that’s quite a feat! Bangalore also has the highest percentage of engineers in the world. Yes, you heard that right, in the world! Keeping these facts in mind, there’s no surprise why Bangalore is … Read More