The Gold Rush of Impact Investing – Just yet?

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It is amazing to note how many times we are hearing about “Social Enterprises”, “Impact Investments” …nowadays. There is, or at least seems to be, a lot of buzz around money chasing Impact Startups. In fact, an article on VCCricle here talks of how the money has gone from $4bn to $12bn in just recent time. Is this like the … Read More

Samyak – The Intern, on Impact Investing

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Samyak says -> Recently “Bijli” was in news. No, I am not referring to any dance item number, but in fact to a social impact project by The Climate Group, an independent not-for-profit organisation headquartered in London, in association with the Sunsaluter, a social enterprise working on providing sustainable energy. Nowadays, we hear a lot about social enterprises, a sector … Read More