10 Content Marketing Growth Hacks for Indian Startups

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“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign,” said Jon Buscall, Head of Moondog Marketing, and we all know how tough commitment can be. Content Marketing is often the last thing to be done and it has to be done right if you want to reach out to your customers in a meaningful way.

Our hub in Koramangala recently hosted an event titled ‘Content Marketing 101’ that was conducted by Natasha Lorraine Menezes , the Co-founder of T.W.E. (The Words Edge).

Through the course of her session Natasha took us over 10 Content Marketing growth hacks that we’re going to go cover in this blog post. This is in no way an exhaustive list, rather it’s intention is to simply get you thinking in the right direction.

So let’s get right to it.

1. Generate shareable content

Make your articles relevant to your audience. How do you do that? Well, start by creating well researched articles and put them forward through the right distribution channels so that they reach the correct target audience. Do this and watch content do wonders for your business.

This infographic was put up by Zomato on its social media handles, and it worked like a charm as the graphic was yummy enough to make people hungry.
Not to mention again, to make your content relevant, you need to give your readers/ customers the content they love. Apparently there’s a survey that says 20 percent of Indian users love inspirational content. So inspire away!

2. Connect with your audience

The best possible thing to do is to make your audience connect and relate to the content you create. One way to do this according to Natasha is to have your buyer personas in place. Remember, the more indepth your research, the better your final tailored product will be.

3. Be growth oriented

The sole purpose of your content is to help you grow. If your content does not bring you growth, you might want to relook at it. Before we create any content, we should make sure it’s contributing to the company’s growth in some way. Taking the example of the Zomato infographic again, it helped to connect the business to its pizza lovers and also made the pizza lovers slightly hungry.

4. Engage with your customers

Every customer loves a company that loves its customers. The amount of love given should be equal to the amount received. As much as possible, try and engage with your clients one-on-one. It can be about something major like solving their problem or something small like acknowledging their comments on your posts. Remember, every little interaction matters and helps build your brand.

5. Repurpose your content

There can be two types of content: 1. Brick Content and 2. Feather Content. Brick content is all your white paper stuff which includes every bit of research you have done, across verticals. Soft content is all the light-hearted information you put up on social media, blogs and other content platforms. In the case of ‘Brick Content’, the intense research serves to build a knowledge repository and is usually information-heavy. Re-write, re-phrase and re-purpose it to make it easier to consume. Break it down and make blogs, infographics and social media posts out of it.

6. Data, data and data

Every piece of content must be data driven. Create content after analysing the sales funnel. Measure every piece of content you publish. Look at what works and what doesn’t. See and track what your audience consumes and make more of what they wants to see.

7. Craft virality

Everyone wants their content to be viral. But let us all unanimously agree to the fact that nothing can guarantee you virality. There is no way you can say that your content will go viral beforehand. But, there are trends that go viral. Analyse past pieces and see how and why they went viral. That will help you generate content with a higher probability of going viral.

We can’t harp enough on how important headlines are. Every content provider on the internet is click-baiting their visitors to read their articles via their headlines. Get the attention of your customers with catchy headlines that strike a chord with the reader. Ideally, you should write multiple headlines for each of your articles and select the best one. Test the headlines to understand what is most appealing to your readers. Do a sentiment analysis, A/B testing to find out the headline that works best for you. Check out Buzzfeed’s headlines; they will give you headline goals.

9.Place your CTA (Call-To-Action) units strategically

Call-to-action units are buttons from which the customer can directly interact with your company. These are crucial as they give you a direct lead into your business via your content.
Facebook like buttons, share buttons, newsletter signups, know more about company buttons and purchase a product buttons are all considered CTA units. Place them appropriately and in front of your user, and your audience will surely react to it.

10. Content is king, distribution is queen, and she wears the pants

A very enthusiastic Jonathan Perelman, VP of Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed, during his talk at Behance’s 99U Pop-Up School event said, “content and distribution need to go hand in hand. If you generate 15 articles a day, and you don’t distribute, it is of no use. You create 5 and repurpose them hundred times, that is not going to work either. So, generate 10 and put it to work. Be there for the right people”.

These pointers will help you gain an idea of how to create, design and market your content. Though not an exhaustive list, the combination of all these pointers should definitely help you get the ball rolling on the content marketing front. If we’ve missed out on anything that you might like to add, feel free to tell us in the comment box below.

This post was written by Sonket Mukherjee, one of our Alphapreneurs from Bangalore. Learn more about the Alphapreneurs program.

The tips and tricks you’ve seen here are from an event we recently conducted at our Koramangala hub in Bangalore. We’re constantly hosting and organising tons of events geared to help you build up your knowledge base. Check out our events calendar here to stay up to date.


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