Think Design: The Startup Getaway

A hands on experience in building a business model by stepping into the Design Thinking process.
You will learn how to connect deeply with their target customer, build a more desire, viable and feasible products/solutions.

Build confidence to capture attention with your story and quick low cost experiments to test and validate your ideas.

It will be held under the spectacular setting of the Uttarakhand hills, with the possibility of rafting on the Ganges.

The date, time and location are the TBD. Give us your contact details and we’ll keep you posted.

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For those in the idea stage:

  • Market Fit Analysis
  • User study
  • Business Model Canvas

For those in the validation stage:

  • Experiment with your idea & develop prototypes
  • Get relevant & instantaneous feedback from a jury of your peers

For the more established:

  • Gather in-depth knowledge & skills on communicating deeply & meaningfully with your customers, and within your team as well.

For all:

  • Enjoy some adventure sports and team bonding activities making this a complete experience for you and your team.

Why should I consider this workshop?

The impact of design on businesses can no longer be ignored. Incorporating a sense of design into every element of your business is the need of the hour for emerging brands and companies to get that edge and set themselves apart. This workshop combines a learning environment with a chance to gain insights into your business and help you improve your teams output.

What should I not expect from this workshop?

Genies, or magic wands. Yes, this is a platform for you and your team to implement the power of design in your idea. A smallish effort like this can save millions of us from lagging behind.

Meet Your Instructor

Ajay B Parasrampuria
Design Thinking Trainer and Mentor

20+ years of experience in Strategy Execution, Business Transformation, Change and Project Management as an academician, consultant and professional mentor.

Learn how to deeply connect with customers.