Our Goal

The goal of 91university is to help and create a new breed of entrepreneurs who can establish their foundation on the basis of hands on training on practical aspects, exposure to industry stints and the knowledge of how to overcome entrepreneurial challenges by creating an interactive environment.

Our flagship course is “The Foundation Course for Entrepreneurs” that teaches you the basics of business and prepares you for being an entrepreneur.

Apart from this we will endeavour to bring you courses that help you in in being successful in running your businesses. These course will help you build skills that are needed and enhance knowledge that will help you stay ahead.

Our Upcoming Courses

Foundation Course for Entrepreneurs

Gurgaon | Begins November 5

Think Design : The Startup Getaway

Rishikesh | Begins September 16

We have individual customised modules as well. Write to us at 91university@91springboard.com if you are interested in learning something specific.

Fantastic short duration course to understand what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.
Practitioner’s insight brought in by the faculty for various subjects is equal, if not better, to what one finds in full-time MBA.
Harsh Sharma

I like the course as it offers an alternative to a full time MBA which requires a year off work. It is great that it is compact – both in its teaching time and class size. I like the course also because it gives me what I need in terms of clarity and brevity of varied content. It is great for small business owners and entrepreneurs, who have to be jack of all trades.
Neena Rai

This course is based on business and entrepreneurship and it is guided by many IIM experts with many years of experience. I personally recommend everyone to take this course, especially those who are looking for starting up or are starting their career. I believe this will be a turning point of your life.
Sunil Kumar

This is a fast track tailor-made course specifically crafted for the people taking entrepreneurial plunge.
All possible and actual problems are answered in absolute practical manner by industry experts.
Deepanshu Sachdeva

The course is insightful for someone who is considering entrepreneurship or has already taken the plunge. It would help in learning the basics and constructing a framework using which one can guide his journey. The course helps answer basic fundamentals of running a business.

The foundation course for entrepreneurs gives strong foundation for budding entrepreneurs to overcome challenges to start, operate and finance their business. This program is well conceived and specially designed for new age entrepreneurs. I would say that these are some of the few key defining moments in a my life.
Saurabh Khare

The course effectively covered the basics of entrepreneurship, especially for people with a non-management background like me. The weekly sessions were great for brainstorming and connecting with the other participants as well. Would highly recommend this course.
Harpreet Singh

This course is beneficial to people who want to start or already have a start-up. The course provides fundamental knowledge about different aspects of “how to start-up?” and what’s needed for a start-up. The best part is the interaction with highly qualified and experienced professionals. The course enables networking with fellow entrepreneurs as well as potential investors and mentors. I would recommend this course to people who are starting up and need clarity in what they are doing, what they want to do and what they can do.
Ankit Singh

The course met and exceeded my expectations. This level of exposure to real world experts and people who’ve been and still are in the trenches is invaluable. This course is by far, the best thing an entrepreneur can do for himself and his business. Highly recommended.
Ankit Neerav

This is a course which is a must attend for all those who think of doing something different in their life. The content taught in this program is incredible because it is compact and highly relevant for an entrepreneur who wants to start his own venture. I have gained a lot and I can only say that it is a life changing program taught by distinguished faculty from IIM.
Anil Kumar

The course covers all relevant topics and filters out all the noise. It gives a balanced view of the real world and does not mince words.
It is nearly a complete MBA in Entrepreneurship condensed into 30 odd hours.
Anupam Mathur

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