All You Need to Know about KRAs and KPIs

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Correlations between employee satisfaction and productivity weren’t established until the 1900s. After Elton Mayo measured the relationship between productivity and the work environment in 1920, the government also contributed to improving employee satisfaction in 1950. The Performance Rating Act and Incentive Awards Act were introduced by them. Aubrey Daniels was the one to coin the term ‘performance management’ a couple … Read More

A New Star in the Universe of Virtual Reality: A chat with the Founder of Chymera

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A few weeks back I came across Chymera — a StartUp about Virtual Reality Advertising. Chymera is the brainchild of Sushil Kumar and Smeet Bhatt. Sushil, who is a Computer Engineering graduate from IIT Bombay (2008–12) and also an IIM-A alumni (2012–14), got interested in VR while his stint with Computer Graphics during his engineering days. During his 2nd year at IIM-A … Read More

9 Steps to Creating the Perfect Name for Your Startup

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You’ve had a stroke of genius, and created a startup that will be the biggest thing since Facebook. Your business proposal is drafted, your coworking space is booked, and your investor meetings are lined up – now, all you need to do is create the perfect name for your new startup. How do you begin the process of encapsulating your … Read More